Thursday, 26 March 2015

Common british birds

hey! Liam's taking over the call quiz just now, and I'm curious to see just how well you know your common stuff. I've trawled through Xeno-canto for calls of birds you're likely to see in your garden, woodlands and farmland. Most are very widespread and common, a few are slightly more local, but all these species are regular british species that almost everyone here would be familiar with by sight. There's only one answer per recording, so just name the most prominent vocalisation, and don't worry with any background calls. Enjoy!

easy 1
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easy 3

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easy 5

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medium 5

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hard 5

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Calls Quiz - Estuarine birds

Subject: Birds you 'might' hear calling when at an estuary in late September/early October.

13 Calls ranked easy-hard. You will be scored for each category, so 'newbies' don't be afraid of just attempting easy calls if 'Hard 5' terrified you!

Deadline is Midnight on Sunday 21st September. GOOD LUCK!


Easy 1

Easy 2

Easy 3

Easy 4


Medium 1

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Medium 4


Hard 1

Hard 2

Hard 3

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Hard 5

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

NGB Call Quiz - Answers Friday 16th May

5 sound clips. 3 days to answer. Message me (Zac Hinchcliffe) on Facebook......GO!

Sound Clip 1
Sound Clip 2

Sound Clip 3

Sound Clip 4
Sound Clip 5

Monday, 18 November 2013

Call Quiz 3 - Answers Friday 22nd 9pm

Message me ZAC HINCHCLIFFE on facebook with the answers and I'll include your totals on Friday
Call 1
Call 2
Call 3
Call 4
Call 5

Answers Friday at 9pm. I intend on getting EVERYONE to have a go, hence the extended period of quiz time.

If you are not very good at quizzes, by all means have a go anyway as these quizzes are intended to improve the ID of everyone in the group.

Good Luck

Friday, 18 October 2013

Call Quiz 2 - Answers Saturday 19th 9pm

Bird 1 Bird 2 Bird 3 Bird 4 Bird 5

1. Redwing - (song thrown into this call to cause a bit of confusion) Call is a piercing 'tseep' which can often be heard at night as flocks fly over. Often just a single bird calls in a flock, so a single call at night might actually be a really large flock. Similar to Blackbirds 'see' call that can also occasionally be heard at night, but the harsh piercing tone stands out.
2. Jay - a harsh screaming noise that can often be heard at some distance away.
3. House Martin - a rather bubbling call, that is most similar to Sand Martin, but is made up of lots of single notes, whereas Sand Martin is much more of a chattering set of calls. 
4. Garden Warbler - Quite similar to Blackcap, but is a garbled, flutey song that lacks any real repetition.
5. Common Sandpiper - Song a repeated whirring 'phrase' that rises in amplitude throughout.

1. Martin Suanjak - 4/5

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Calls Quiz - 17th Oct. Answers Friday 17th 9pm

Bird 1 Bird 2 Bird 3 Bird 4 Bird 5

As with other facebook quizzes, just message me on facebook.

1. Lapland Bunting - quite similar to Bullfinch with first note - 'chooop' then either 'chirrup' or 'choo'
2. Reed Bunting - falling 'sloooo' and then song 'one-two-testing'
3. Snow Bunting - Classic rolling 'chirrup' and song sounds like R2D2
4. Lesser Redpoll (Redpoll sp for the sake of vis-mig :P) - Chutchutchutchut - Quite rattly, buzzy and insect.
5. Siskin - Rizing single note call. Often in larger flocks so call comes more regularly.

Liam Curson - 2/5
Martin Suanjak - 1/5 (You put Reed Bunting for call 3...was that in the wrong order?)
Josie Hewitt - 1/5
Jake Gearty - 1/5
Espen Quinto-Ashman - 1/5