Friday, 18 October 2013

Call Quiz 2 - Answers Saturday 19th 9pm

Bird 1 Bird 2 Bird 3 Bird 4 Bird 5

1. Redwing - (song thrown into this call to cause a bit of confusion) Call is a piercing 'tseep' which can often be heard at night as flocks fly over. Often just a single bird calls in a flock, so a single call at night might actually be a really large flock. Similar to Blackbirds 'see' call that can also occasionally be heard at night, but the harsh piercing tone stands out.
2. Jay - a harsh screaming noise that can often be heard at some distance away.
3. House Martin - a rather bubbling call, that is most similar to Sand Martin, but is made up of lots of single notes, whereas Sand Martin is much more of a chattering set of calls. 
4. Garden Warbler - Quite similar to Blackcap, but is a garbled, flutey song that lacks any real repetition.
5. Common Sandpiper - Song a repeated whirring 'phrase' that rises in amplitude throughout.

1. Martin Suanjak - 4/5

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